Renovation / Remodelling, Interior, Landscape

A family of four is looking to jazz up an old house with very less natural light. It is one storey with an independent residence in each floor. The clients wonder if the residences could be combined to form a single abode. The Atelier offers a solution that goes far beyond the brief walls are brought down and the spaces flow seamlessly into each other.

An atrium quickly pierces through the house, bringing a flood of day light within the house, while linking visually, the first floor with the ground floor. An unconventional mural of colored jaalis, pipes and wood frames adorn the walls of the atrium - leftovers from the renovation. Medley of grass and granite weaves it way around the house. The first floor landing expands into the terrace garden. The fading rays of the sun set on the family sipping tea on the low stone seater in the terrace garden.